About AMD

The Department of Applied Mechanics was established in 1964. It was initially named as "Department of Applied Mechanics, Hydraulic and Hydraulic Machines", which was given a new identity with "Department of Applied Mechanics" in 2003. The Department offers courses at undergraduate level on Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic Machines, Structural Analysis, Material Science, Engineering Mechanics, Mechanics of Deformable Solids, Structures, Kinematics of Mechanics, Dynamics of Machines, Theory of plates & shells, Mechanical Vibration and Nano Technology. The department runs four Post Graduate (M.Tech.) programmes (i) Applied Mechanics, (ii) Material Science & Engineering, (iii) Fluids Engineering, and (iv) Biomedical Engineering. The department also offers Ph.D programme in these areas. For further information, please visit www.mnnit.ac.in\amd.